About us

N & R Elhadedy studio was founded by Nada & Rana Elhadedy  . The practice became a Partnership with Etad For design & constructin in 2018 and operates worldwide with office in Cairo-Egypt .

Working with major developers  in Egypt and in the Middle East , Gave us a great opportunity to be involved in the vast growing market of real estate development and to understand the role that architecture design plays in the success of a project.

At N&R ELhadedy we cover all major sectors , commercial , medical and residential projects , And we are continuously adding to our portfolio of innovative and inspiring design , Projects which reflect a distinctive style , a proactive solutions , and an environmental & social responsibility .


Different approach for the Architecture Design ,  How we do it ?

We are helping the real estate developers stand out in the highly competitive market by
providing a pro-active design solutions that optimize the project potentials in each of the
following aspects :

  • Business & Economy
    By focusing on the future success of the project and maximizing its competitive to stand out in the market , while considering its financial limitation , economic situation and time frame .
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility
    By searching for optimal solutions to create a built environment that uses the planet’s resources carefully. Through this pursuit, we
    design buildings and environments that inspire people and transform communities.
  • Functional Performance
    The buildings we produce come from a detailed understanding of the functions they must fulfill, the conditions they have to provide and the materials from which they are constructed.
  • Aesthetics & Visual appeal
    the Aesthetics principles in our contemporary life is always evolving and changing rapidly in this digital era .So we are using a cutting edge technology & applications . In order to Optimize the building physical & visual performance and redefine the environment in a more thoughtful and coherent way .

Through careful evaluation of relevant opportunities, inspired ideas will drive a good design to something that is extraordinary, challenging, and completely unique.